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About Storylines

Storylines is reimagining the cruise ship business by refitting well loved commercial cruise ships into residential communities at sea. Our cabin-condo owners are invited to join a unique lifestyle of freedom and comfort aboard luxury ocean liners that travel the world continuously.

Storylines Founders, Alister Punton and Shannon Lee at Storylines HQ, London.

Our Story

The world has changed and how we live our later years is being transformed. People expect to live an active healthy full life, not shuffle quietly into retirement. Those of retirement age are downsizing their lives to enjoy more experiences, worrying less about their children's inheritance, realising that this is the time to have the adventures and lifestyle that they might not have been able to enjoy when they were building their careers and families.

Right now, only the extremely wealthy can afford a luxury lifestyle of world travel and leisure. The founders of Storylines saw an opportunity to create the world’s first affordable premium lifestyle at sea. Our mission is to build thriving communities at sea, where our cabin-condo owners can write a new chapter for their lives. A life of freedom and comfort. This experience we call My Home At Sea.™