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Corporate Responsibilities.

The Storylines mission is to provide a lifestyle for people who want to live at sea and travel the world all without leaving their homes, we call this the My Home At Sea experience. In fulfilling our mission the company needs to be responsible for the impact we have on the globe. Cruise ships don’t have the best reputation of being ‘green’, however, with some fundamental changes and utilizing new technologies Storylines will quickly become the go-to resource globally for the retiring cruise ship market, which plays into the growth strategy of the Company.

Our fundamentals are

Giving back

We are apart of the global leader in philanthropy and responsibility called Pledge 1%, founded by Marc Benioff the founder of, we have pledged from the very outset 1% of time, profits and equity to this great cause which allows up to give back in so many ways. Stay tuned for the special project to be announced and offerings to proposal submissions soon.

Reducing emissions

Our goal is to reduce our emissions to become a zero footprint company, this includes using new technologies to reduce not only emissions but waste, from sewer to garbage and even down to recycling the old materials when they reach their end of life. It is a complete end to end lifecycle process that we hope will resonate through the whole industry in the years ahead.

The average US citizen is responsible for the consumption of 3.78 gallons (6.9l) of gasoline per day, this footprint when you add in power supply, electricity consumption and other areas of energy usage this already puts our vessels in a better carbon position than the land based equivalent.


Both on and off the Storylines vessels we work hard to promote a blend of ethnic backgrounds into our offering, We currently have people working for us from all corners of the globe and will continue to source our talent in this manner.


Sadly this needs to be said, however, discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated from anyone involved in the company, we have a very unique position where this also extends to our consumers, our residents who must also abide by this rule as they will be living and working alongside people from all over the world. After all this is the Storylines experience. This also extends to wages where an employee is not judged on anything but their ability to undertake the works and will be rewarded based on this.

Community Spirit

In keeping with the Storylines lines experience and probably the most important part is our Core Principles which describes 8 principles that are somewhat of a guide to what people can expect to find onboard a Storylines vessel. This naturally will develop more and evolve as the residents explore these and make them their own. Our role will be to ensure the integrity of these principles for the betterment of all onboard now and into the future.