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Our Principles

For Storylines members, the way life is lived matters. It’s about quality, freedom and participation: a distinctive lifestyle that puts you in charge of your experiences.

We aren’t a demographic.
We’re a mindset.
Ours is a community of positive people, doing positive things. Growing as human beings, and having fun doing it.

We aren’t guests on the ship.
We own it.
You’re a member of a vibrant community with a say in what happens on board and where we go.

We aren’t a vacation.
We’re a lifestyle.
Live the life you like. Treat the ship as your home, have a traditional ocean voyage experience, or do business. You can even help out if you like with suggestions for exploration. It’s your choice.

We don’t cruise.
We discover.
Every member has a say in where we visit. And when we arrive, you’re free to explore and absorb the local culture as you like.

We don’t exploit.
We contribute.
On and off the ship, philanthropy and sustainability are central to what we do, from fuel-saving cruising speeds to growing our own food and taking part in local culture.

We don’t observe.
We take part.
You’re an important part of the community. Get involved however you like: help tend the gardens, plan journeys, or give a special interest talk.

We don’t have itineraries.
We have experiences.
Each leg of our ongoing journey is designed with input from the on-board community. This is your ship, your home, your life to live as you like.

We aren’t tourists.
We’re citizens of the world.
Finally, a place you can call your own: Earth. You’re no longer tied to just one location. You’re a traveler, experiencing the richness and diversity of the whole world.