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Live in comfort

Live a life of ease… you deserve it. The necessities of daily life are all included in your fee. All you need to do is come aboard and enjoy yourself.

Housekeeping and laundry

Our shipboard staff will keep your room clean and in good order for you. The service is similar to what you’d find in a good hotel, including restocking of supplies. We’ll also do your laundry. Or, if you’d like to be domestic, you’re free to do your own. This is your home.


Preparing food for friends and family is an important part of home life. You need not give that up (though of course you’re welcome to). There are fully stocked and well-equipped kitchen facilities available for your use, along with an outdoor BBQ. We’ll set everything up for you and clean up afterwards. It’s a great way to entertain.

Food and drink

Food and beverages are included in your fee, with upgrades such as premium cocktails available. Fresh produce comes from our on-board hydroponic garden, and our menu constantly changes to reflect local cuisine as we travel.

Health and wellbeing

With on-board medical facilities, a full-time doctor and medical staff, you can rest assured that your medical needs will be taken care of. We’re able to take care of routine medical needs and minor office procedures. If a serious emergency arises, our helicopter can get you to the nearest medical facility promptly, since we spend most of our time near shore.

Our lead medical advisor will be the consultant Dr. Noel James Gavin (MB. BCh. BAO. LRCP&SI. FRCAnaes. FFARCSI. FFICM)

Gratuities and routine travel expenses

There’s no need to tip our staff. We also handle port costs and embarkation fees at the ports we visit. It’s all included.

Excursions and experiences

We arrange for curated cultural experiences ashore and bring local entertainers and chefs aboard, so there’s an ever-changing lifestyle as we travel. As a member of the community, you have a say in shaping the experience.