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The world is your destination

Our voyage is unlike any other. The pace of cruising is relaxed as we travel among major ports all over the world with planned stops every two weeks. That gives us time to extend our stay in port, or make additional visits to unexpected, out-of-the-way places that you get to choose.

Make the journey your own

The freedom that comes with ownership gives you unmatched flexibility in your lifestyle. Unlike a cruise line where you must book a cabin in advance and stick to a rigid timetable, you’re free to come and go. Stay on board, take a side excursion and catch up later, take an extended break ashore... it’s all part of writing your own life’s story.

Take your time

Because we’re not driven by hectic pre-planned vacation schedules, you can relax and experience the places we visit as you like. We spend more time in port than traditional cruise ships do, and have much more flexibility.

Choose where you go

Our ongoing journey takes us to specific ports around the world, stopping every two weeks. But along the way, we might visit someplace new or different. As part of the community, you decide. You can leave the ship anywhere we put in, travel to the next port and re-join, or take an extended break and return to your home at sea when you like.

Soak in some local culture

At every port of call, we arrange for carefully curated experiences that give you a taste of local culture — all included. You’re free to go above and beyond, of course, or just explore on your own. We also bring a taste of each destination to life on board, booking local entertainers and changing our menus to reflect regional and seasonal cuisine.

Find room to breathe

Today’s cruise ships have become enormous and crowded, carrying thousands of passengers to each port. Their packed schedules mean precious little time on shore. The experience can be a bit overwhelming. Our smaller vessels and longer stays mean that you can get a better sense of the destination as it truly is.