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Luxury your way

We’ve taken a different approach to life at sea. You’re on a relaxed voyage, enjoying world travel aboard an elegant, comfortable, well-appointed and up-to-date vessel. But more than that, you have the flexibility to live life as you please, because the ship is your home.

Live the life you’ve dreamed of

Everything you’d expect of a premium lifestyle at sea is there for you. Entertainment, digital connectivity, restaurants, lounges, room service, spas, salons, Jacuzzis and more. Enjoy them as you like — it’s all included. We also add a touch of regional culture as we travel, with local entertainment and changing cuisine to keep life interesting.

Eat well

Eat buffet-style or a la carte in our dining room, call room service for a snack, or cook for yourself with our outdoor BBQ and fully stocked kitchen facilities. We grow our own produce in a hydroponic garden (that you can help to tend if you like), offer vegetarian and vegan choices, and even have a microbrewery on board. As we travel, we’ll change the menu to reflect local cuisine, bringing in guest chefs.

Be active and adventurous if you like

Physiotherapy, exercise classes, running, yoga, swimming, Tai Chi, and active lifestyle choices help you keep fit. Ashore, you can take a drive out into the countryside in our car, hop aboard our private helicopter for an aerial tour, explore the coastline on a jet ski, go scuba diving or fishing. You can create your own experience, everywhere we go.

Go in style

The ship is accompanied by a separate support yacht. That gives us room for some exceptional amenities. There’s a private helicopter that you may book for your own use, fishing boats, jet skis and ground transportation — all available for your use.

Be part of the community

Aboard your ship, you’ll find a close-knit feel and sense of belonging. Your fellow travelers become your friends and neighbors. There are ample opportunities to take part, with special-interest groups and community activities — you even have a say in where the ship goes to next.