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Picture this and come on a journey with us right now as we take you on a textual ride through what could very well be a typical day for you onboard a storylines lifestyle vessel.

Waking to a new million-dollar view

You check the app on your phone and it says its Monaco I see in front of me!

I can feel completely alone in my serenity when I choose...or join in and participate

Plan your day

Lazy breakfast by the pool with our little destination adventure club (my fabulous fun friends and I)

We often follow the 'uniquely local' checklist hand picked by our ships team (last weeks Tuscany suggestions had us avoid the crowds and find the hidden gems Trip Advisor didn't list!)

Start your day right

The magic starts before leaving the ship.. locally sourced coffee and ingredients for breakfast (I'll have the fresh prosciutto on my eggs benedict baguette please).

No rush, we have 5 days at this port destination, plenty of time to discover all of its secrets...

Immerse yourself

A quick daily refresher in French so we can practice our BonJours and Merci Becoup's today instead of Hellos and Thanks yous.. (talk about immersion!)

Day 1 is usually exploring... Something arty or a winery on the second day... A real adventure on the third... Last month in Casablanca we took a 2 day trip to a small village outside of Marrakesh to help build some wells to enable the locals to have clean drinking water, so rewarding.


Back in time for an onboard massage... (this used to be a luxury!)... before ship stern sunset cocktails and a view worthy of royalty!

Such a beautiful afternoon, you choose to cook a feast on the deck for your closest friends... A 4 course gourmet is easier to do with a chef to help clean up!

Dance the night away

Your neighbor, Georgina always finds us a local dance class so we throw on a dress and step out like we are at home.

A late night wander around the cobbled streets, fast cars, beautiful people, and all that live in this fairytale kingdom.

The perfect end to the evening

We stumble across the perfect bar for a late night cafe... You recognize the musician playing from last week onboard the vessel in the wine bar, so luckily you learnt a few words in the local lingo to put in your requests.

Wine, singing, laughter and meeting new locals you now call friends and make you promise to visit their home tomorrow for lunch...

Could this be you?