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An easy path to ownership

Reserving your cabin-condo requires just a $5,000 holding deposit, fully refundable until a full sales contract is drawn up for you purchase. With space strictly limited, it’s a wise move to reserve early.

We offer a range of attractive financing options to match your budget, cash flow and time frame. Your Storylines advisor can tell you more, at 1-866-255-4240.

Investment option for owning a cabin-condo with Storylines

Even if cruising is not really your thing, why would you want to buy a cruise ship cabin-condo? Perks on been an owner include...

  • Guaranteed rent back for the lifetime of 8% P.A. (see below calculations)
  • Time on the ship Access to your cabin-condo when available
  • Access for friends and family
  • Bragging rights
  • Tax advantages
  • Use it just like a land based real estate investment
  • Buy with your friends and share in the perks
  • Each year the investment level is reduced allowing you to minimize risk and re-invest in another cabin-condo or other ventures.

Figures below based on a typical mid level cabin.

  1. Total profit (before tax) after 15 years is $425,421
  2. Annual depreciation is $24,667
  3. Allowance of increase in monthly fees of 1.5% P.A.

Are you eligible for significant tax incentive due to living a life at sea? In some cases your whole annual cost of living with us could be covered by the tax breaks. Check out this link here for more.

Calculation notes:

  1. Interest is based on annual amount invested.
  2. This is a depreciating asset so a non-compounding interest rate is applied IE: each year you get back your amount of depreciation (based on a straight line equal annual schedule) plus the interest for the level of investment at that year.
  3. Investment concludes after 15 years.
  4. Calculations are correct at time of printing and subject to change without written notice.
  5. This information doesn’t form part of any legally binding contract, you should do your own research before making any investments
  6. Subject to all Storylines T&C’s found within our website here